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View from my balcony cant complain :D

View from my balcony cant complain :D

Weakened :D

Weakened :D

Will & Grace 02/22/00 | Glee 09/26/13
[Kurt and Blaine] wrap each other up and kiss and kiss and kiss in front of their friends and family and God and the Parents Television Council and nine million Americans. It really does get better.

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James Bligh/William Brackley - A Place To Call Home

"We were at… at Balliol together.  We shared tutorials. Sports. Spare  moments and… Well, we became friends. It seemed like there were two  different worlds. The real one, the one in public, that was demanding and  judgemental. And there was this other world. The one in private. Inside our rooms. We could be open with each other. Free. Discuss all our problems  and fears, struggles and dreams. And after a while, it… seemed only  natural that we… shared…"

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"What could have made him love someone who was so wrong for him? 
I need to see who she is. I know James, and, I can't imagine him
not keeping some sort of memento. He will have a photo...

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